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Welcome to Georgia Shar Pei Puppies, located in Northwest Georgia, please look around. I hope to help you find the perfect Pei for your family.

Before you purchase a Shar Pei puppy please educate yourself!



The Shar Pei is known for its features of deep wrinkles and blue/black tongue shared only with the Chow Chow breed. The name Shar Pei translates into "sand skin" which refers to the breeds short rough coat. In 1978, they were named one of the world's most rare breeds by Time magazine. Puppies  have many loose wrinkles which spread out as they grow into adults. In appearance they have a compact body, a curled tail, small ears and the signature hippo head. The Western Shar Pei come in three different coat types: horse, brush, and bear. The unusual horse coat is rough and closer to the traditional Shar Pei in appearance. The brush coat is slightly longer and smoother. The bear coat has hair over an inch long. He will normally shed twice a year. An adult can weigh between 40-55 pounds and stand 18 to 20 inches tall. The life expectancy is up to ten years. 


A Shar Pei is naturally reserved around people he doesn't know. Extensive socialization at an early age is necessary to prevent him from becoming too territorial or aggressive. He is quiet in the house. Shar Pei are remarkably good watchdogs and protective of their family. Don't put off his training, the Shar Pei are a very independent and strong willed breed. 

Shar Pei are very intelligent and quick to learn house training.


Since the Shar Pei is a naturally clean dog they require only minimal brushing. They do not require frequent bathing. Over bathing can cause skin irritation. Ear cleaning is a must because the canals are small and can hold dirt and water causing an infection. If your Pei shakes his head frequently he may have an ear infection. Most Shar Pei hate water but they can learn to enjoy baths if they don't become too stressful. As with water they usually hate having their toenails trimmed. I suggest you add this to your routine when your Pei is still a pup.


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